Cantera Builders

The dynamic duo who brought you South Lubbock’s Fox Ridge community and the recently developed Bushland Springs, Strong and Wood are dedicated to providing you with a place to call home in West Texas.

Aside from developing stellar communities, both Strong and Wood have well established custom home builder businesses. Trey Strong proudly owns Trey Strong Custom Homes and more recently has added Flatland Homes to his imprint. Robert Wood has also built a reputation for taking dream homes from blueprints to life. He recently made his debut in the Wall Street Journal for a home he built right here in the hub city. He proudly owns Custom Homes by Robert Wood.

With shared values of diligence and attention to detail, they have built a reputation of two of the region’s best. Their devotion to the community is also a shared value having partnered with their service at the West Texas Home Builders Association, the Friendship Foundation and Lubbock Homes for Heroes, a local charity that built 5 homes for 5 heroes in 5 years, mortgage and debt free. Cantera is the perfect place to settle down.

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