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About TreyTrey-Strong-Custom-Homes

Trey Strong was born and raised in Lubbock and earned a business degree from Texas Tech University. He has been involved in the building business ever since. Over the last decade, Trey has grown Trey Strong Custom Homes into one of the largest and most successful custom home builders in West Texas. His passion for quality and his commitment to “getting the job done” has continued to set him apart. With continued success in the custom segment, Trey has expanded his business with Flatland Homes by Trey Strong. Trey is the former president of the West Texas Home Builders Association. He is an active member of the Lubbock community and prides himself on being highly involved in the growth of Lubbock. When Trey is not building homes and businesses, he spends time with his wife, Mary Katherine, his daughter Evelyn and son Jack. Trey loves the outdoors, tailgating at Texas Tech Football games, traveling and shaking hands with nearly every person that recognizes him in town.



About DanJuniper-Homes

Dan Biase grew up in Dallas but came to Lubbock to attend Texas Tech University. Upon graduation from Tech, Dan found a job in the financial industry working for an investment firm. It didn’t take Dan long to realize that office life was not for him. He desired a “hands on” experience and wanted to put his management skills to work. This, combined with a desire to watch something come together from start to finish, led him into home building. His ability to lead and his knack for getting along with all types of people have made Dan successful in the building industry. Dan joined Trey in the fall of 2014 and together the two formed Flatland Homes by Trey Strong. When he’s not building homes, Dan hangs out with his wife Suzanne and his daughters, June, Annie, Rose and Pearl. He loves the outdoors, Texas Tech sports and the opportunity to raise his family in Lubbock TX.




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