Mike Becknal & Company


Mike Becknal & Company is a Lubbock based business comprised of a team of dedicated and experienced home builders. The founder, Mike Becknal, started his career as a framing contractor over 40 years ago and has established a reputation built on integrity, quality and value. Mike is supported by a dedicated team including his partner, Lucas Dannheim, who brings over 15 years of experience and a modern outlook on style coupled with the ability to visualize and design unique floor plans.  The secret to their success includes a hands-on approach from beginning to end that consistently exceeds your expectations and ultimately makes your vision a reality. On a personal level, Mike is a Lubbock native where he enjoys spending time with his family and most importantly, his 4 grandchildren. His passions include hunting and traveling. Lucas is also a Lubbock native whose passions include hunting, coaching little league and spending time with his family as well. Mike and Lucas are both driven by a constant desire to seek and find new housing designs and creative inspiration. Together, they continue to set the standard for quality and they look forward to working with you to build the house of your dreams.

Attributes that can make a difference:

Realistic budgets – keep a true vision of what can be afforded

Flexible focus – your vision is important no matter what size or what budget

Choice of property lots and innovative floor plans with your concept in mind

Selection of home finishes to help complement and complete your vision

Scheduling to accommodate your expectations on home completion

Accessibility is always a guarantee due to onsite supervision

Follow through: from lot selection to final tree trimming

Phone: 806.866.9870

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