Roten Homes, Inc

Roten Homes, Inc., formerly known as Tim Roten Homes, was founded in 1984 by Tim Roten. Tim grew up in Lubbock and has been around construction his entire life. His father worked around redi-built homes, ran a door mill, managed a lumber company, and did commercial and residential remodeling. Tim started working with his dad at a young age and was exposed to all facets of the construction business.

Tim got a job as a framer’s helper when he was 19 years old and was contracting framing at the age of 20. He worked hard, studied, and learned every aspect of the building industry. His love for the trade drove him to excel. By the time he started building homes in 1984, he had a reputation for being an excellent craftsman. Over the years, many things may have changed, but his desire to build a great home and offer it at a reasonable price has not.

Roten Homes, Inc. has always been a family business. Tim’s wife Janice was involved in the customer and design sides of the business for many years, and his son, Brad, is carrying on the family business tradition.

Brad Roten has been around the building industry since he was born. Brad helped throughout the entire construction process from framing to finish work during summer breaks and while attending college. He went on to get a M.B.A. from Texas Tech University in 2006. During his last year of graduate school, he started working full-time with his father. Brad inherited his father’s strong work ethic, love for the business, and dedication to ensuring that every home deserves the Roten Name. In 2010, God blessed him with a wife, Kelly, and blessed them with two adorable sons in the following years.

Tim Roten Homes evolved into Roten Homes, Inc. when the family incorporated the business in 2013. They name may sound a little different, but the commitment to building the very best home possible for every customer has not!

Roten Homes, Inc. added an honorary family member, Julie Ramos, in 2011. Julie is essential to maintaining great customer relationships as well as well as lovely classic and modern designs. Julie runs the sales office and is the usually the first face our customers see.

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